Changes in the Gallipoli Schoolroom

Host: Gallipoli Station

Written by Chloe French

G’day, I’m Chloe the Gallipoli Governess (Govie). I have been working for the Bishop family for almost two years now. I teach three kids that I lovingly refer to as, ‘my minions’. First up, Lachlan in year 4, Georgia in year 1 and last but not least Willy (William) in E-Kindy.

2.1 copyMy three Minions on their first day day back at School

A few differences from last year to this year is first adding another little minion to the pack which was Willy who started this year in E-Kindy- he always keeps me on my toes. As soon as school is over for the day, which is from 7:30-12 he plays under the schoolroom until I knock on the floor to tell him “Its activity time!!” and he comes racing up the stairs and gives a big grin.

2.2 copy Willy’s first day of school

Another new thing this year was our schoolroom being painted. Before it was a ‘schoolroom’ it was the ‘cooks quarters’. As we need much more space for the three minions and the first thing I thought that it needed was a make over! It was a boring, cream colour and it needed a transformation, which the kids were extremely excited about. It took only 3 days but we finally got it done during the school holidays.

2.3 copyMain area of the schoolroom

2.5 copyThe craft area

A new challenge that I added this year for myself was starting University studying Primary School Teaching through Charles Darwin as an external student. Yep I know what your thinking… “what a silly idea” … yeah I know! I couldn’t move back to the city to do it though so I thought ‘Hey why not?’ and ‘What’s the worst that could happen..?’  Well actually I had heaps of thoughts running through my head that I still have to this day. It’s a great experience to teach as a govie and learn at the same time, putting what I’m learning into practice everyday.

I have always been told that change is a good thing and this year we have had many new and exciting changes. I can’t say my minions were happy about me taking on University because now it takes up all my time after work. I always have Willy playing under the schoolroom yelling out “Chloeeee… are you in there?” in a sneaky voice (which he probably learnt from me). Then there’s Georgia coming in and attempting to help, which usually turns into us playing games on my phone. Don’t worry I passed my first semester… somehow.

I can hear my minions yelling out from underneath the schoolroom, I’d better go check it out before they kill each other!

2.6 copyMy minions painting outside.