Host: Donal Sullivan

Location: Northern Territory

Born in Katherine, NT and raised on a station not far away, I have spent most of my life getting in the way of people whilst trying to take photos of station life. My family own two properties and lease a third one, the main one being Cave Creek Station.Across nearly 350,000 acres we breed and raise Brahman cross cattle for the live export market. Our closest town in Mataranka, which takes fifteen minutes to get to by car in the Dry Season or twenty minutes by quad bike, five by boat then ten by car in the Wet Season.

Two years ago I started sharing some of my thousands of photos on the social media platform Instagram, and was surprised to find that people wanted to see them. I go by the name ‘tinycruiser’, which was the name of one of our poddy calves at the time, but also alludes to the small traveler that I am. Currently I’m working as a helicopter pilot for a heli-mustering company based 350km south west of Katherine.

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