Location: Was the Gascoyne WA, now Badgingarra WA.



I think we got everyone in it.

Hi! I better start this hosting gig with some introductions and explain why I’ve jumped on the Central Station bandwagon.

I volunteered to be a host for Central Station because I love being part of the Ag industry and have found that social media is a great modern tool to explain, promote and encourage involvement in what we do and why we do it. The Ag industry is so dynamic and there are so many different ways of farming, each interesting in their own right. Central Station offers a great platform for sharing our own stories.

First up there’s me – aka Court, and I like to think I’m the boss of this operation but that’s debatable! First dog on the left is Pippy, she’s the newest and youngest member of the team, then Dan, Max and Meg. We will learn more about these dogs as individuals as we go along.


I suppose I better give George a quick plug as most of this farming business wouldn’t be possible without him. He’s the main man of the whole operation and is thriving in this farming game. He has Bindi and Red as the offsiders on his team.


Bindi with George in background closing a gate.

George is from New Zealand but has been in Australia for about 8 years or so. We met in Geraldton a while back but that’s a whole other, unromantic story!


Walking cows and calves back out after weaning the biggest calves

I grew up on Yinnetharra and Mt Phillip Station in the Gascoyne, and together they are run as one property. A few years back my family purchased Doorawarrah Station as well.

George and I left the family fold in May 2013 last year and we have been managing a beef cattle farm on 7000 acres south of Geraldton ever since. Our boss has recently leased another 3000 acres which gives us 10 000 acres of land to manage.

I look forward to hosting for you all this week and hopefully I can keep you interested!



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