Station Name: Mudgeacca Station

Manager: Claire Britton

Owners: Goodwood Pastoral Company; Rick and Ann Britton

Region: Western QLD Channel Country

Nearest Town for shopping: Boulia 23km with general store and Health Clinic, Mount Isa 320km is our major town.

Nearest Roadhouse: Boulia 23km

Number of cattle: 1,500 breeders

Number of staff: 2 permanent, 5 work on other properties for the company/day workers

Size of Station: 120,000 acres

How often and how the mail is delivered: 2 mail days a week in town, we have a Private Mail Bag and our mail lady delivers and takes our outgoing Mail twice a week also when road conditions allow.

How often and how the stores shopping is done: Once a week the grocery truck direct from Brisbane comes to Boulia MinMin Store, so being 23km from town we generally go in once a week for perishables and top of stores. Once every couple of months we will do a day trip trek to Mount Isa for a large store order/shop.

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