Location: Warrawagine Station- East Pilbara, WA
                     Wallal Station- West Kimberley, WA


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Warrawagine Cattle Co. is a family owned business made up of Warrawagine & Wallal Stations. Warrawagine Station is in the east Pilbara region of Western Australia with three generations calling it home.

P1Warrawagine homestead, 2013 wet season.

Warrawagine is approximately 140km north east of Marble Bar. The property is one million acres in size and boarders the Great Sandy Desert.  We run approximately 23,000 head of droughmaster and droughmaster cross cattle for the live export and southern domestic markets.


While hosting Central Station I hope to give you a insight into our world, what we do and who we are.  We employ up to 15 people during the mustering season and can have up to 30 people here at any one time, we get lots of visitors dropping in to get a look at what we do. During mustering we use 2 helicopters, a fixed wing plane, 7-10 motorbikes and 4 mustering buggies, we also camp out bush for 6 weeks mustering the outer reaches of the station.

P3Homestead yards

P4 Bush yards

P5Crossing cattle

Wallal Downs is in the South Kimberley. The property runs from 80 Mile Beach to our neighboring Great Sandy Desert. Wallal is approximately 600,000 acres, with 8000 Brahmans roaming the coastal flats.

Robin and Lyle’s oldest son Geoffrey and wife Lynda with their daughter Jacinta manage and run Wallal.

1.4Wallal homestead

1.580 Mile Beach

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