Moments and memories in pictures

Host: Killili Working Kelpies
Written by: Courtney Robinson – Owner, Killili Working Kelpies.

4.0With Buddy, Anna, and Pippy.

4.1Doing a training session with Meg.

4.2Beautiful educated cattle on my sister and brother in laws block. A true pleasure to handle, and work with.

4.3Too tired to care if Spooky has enough room . . .

4.4Meg getting a little too close for my comfort while yarding uneducated pastoral cows.

4.5Meg’s second last litter, three weeks after arriving via emergency caesarian.

5.0Dan taking a break in the trough.

5.1Finished at dusk with Dan, Max, and Meg.

5.2Bella and Meg on one of our trips North last year.

5.3My special girl, Meg.

5.4Spooky doing what he does best, barking! Starting a fresh mob of weavers education process.

5.5Pippy, and Bella.

See you next year!