The new headstockwoman

Host: Glenormiston Station

I am proud to introduce to you Gretta Allan our Head-stockman or Head-stockperson if you will, Gretta has come to us as a first year head stockman this year but is backed with plenty or knowledge and experience. Those of us who have had the privilege of working in this position will fully appreciate the challenges it presents, not only requiring the knowledge of how to work, educate and care for cattle and horses properly but also people and that is a whole new challenge on its own. Having said that Gretta has taken the bull by the horns so to speak and is doing a fantastic job, her passion for this industry is immense – there’s not a lot of people you will find out there riding there horse at day break – on their day off!! (and she’ll probably kill me for the build-up) Gretta…


I, Gretta Allan, am 27 years old, I enjoy and love working with cattle and horses- it’s my passion. Although I was bought up on a beef cattle property this is my 10th year working in the industry, from Cloncurry and the Gulf to Katherine and Boulia – I love the outback!

5.1 - Gretta Allan copyGretta Allan

I joined NAPCO at the start of this year as Head stockman at Glenormiston Station, however I contracted at Alexandria Station in 2013 and was amazed at how easy to handle and quiet the cattle were!

NAPCO was generous to put us through an advanced Bill Hutton shoeing school which was impressive, from that I’ve been able to improve my old school ways. The horse that was hitting the dirt a lot was changed to a safe and happier horse by just simply shortening her breakover (the horse’s heel lifting off the ground and rotating over the toe as his foot leaves the ground- it’s important for balance and can affect the performance of the horse).

When I first came up North I started out near Cloncurry, that is where I realised my horse riding skills were rough around the edges, it was just about getting the cattle to the yards! That resulted in a few years later putting myself through college at Longreach and completing the horsemanship course, even though I received most improved rider, my love is for horsemanship while mustering cattle.

Along with campfires and billy tea it doesn’t get much better than being in the saddle at daybreak, watching the sun rise soothing in natures beauty. Well first round came to an end but second round will be arising in a few weeks. Between rounds at Glenormiston Station we’ll be cementing, welding and working on horses that we earlier broke in earlier this year but are now preparing for the Station Challenge, this has been a satisfying progress.

I love working with cattle and horses and sharing techniques with others, it’s my passion.

Cheers, Gretta