Travel time

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So let’s put it in perspective… We are 120kms from Kununurra, WA. Kununurra is 500kms from Katherine, NT, and 4,000kms to Sydney.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 12.51.39 PMJust in case you feel like popping in for a visit

To visit the kids at Boarding School in Brisbane it is a 4+ day drive. To visit family in NSW it is a 5+ day drive. Just so it is said out loud; you can’t catch the morning and afternoon bus to school out here.

7.2 copySometimes the road looks like this

7.3 copyAnd sometimes it looks like this

So do the kids even go to school? It is School of the Air on the station for primary school and boarding school in Brisbane for senior school (with holiday visits home).

7.4 copyCharlie is the most recent boarding school expat

Geography isn’t the only challenge these kids face. Going from primary to secondary school is a huge social and cultural shift, beyond the usual teenage stuff. It starts by living in a station compound and working with your siblings and Governess for your primary school years, which is a very insular environment. To being sent off to the far yonder- boarding school is a far cry from home; a cityscape accommodating over 1,000 students!

7.5 copyOlivia & Charlie enjoying some time with the poddy calves

There are challenges, like homesickness, and being thrown onto a competitive team sports field for the first time… However, these challenges have only proved to build character and this unconventional upbringing has prepared these bush kids for a fantastically diverse future!

7.6 copyTotally normal for the Rasheed kids