Almerta Station

“A place where kids can be kids, and adults can reconnect”

Almerta Station is a family owned property and a unique destination in the Flinders Ranges, situated on the Boolcunda Creek 20kms north of Carrieton, three and half hours north of Adelaide. The station stretches from the Carrieton-Quorn-Road as far as up to the peaks of the Mount James Ranges. There are between 5,000 and 8,000 sheep grazing on our lands and we own a Shearing and Crutching contracting business.

When choosing to stay at Almerta guests have the choice of either staying on one of our beautiful secluded and private campsites or embracing the more luxurious home away from home that is our Shearers Quarters. This offers you accommodation up to 28 people from 8 very comfortable bedrooms in the modern Shearers Quarters and private bush campsites.

When guests camp on one of Almerta’s twelve campgrounds, they can enjoy a stay far away from the city and far from other people. When they book one campsite, we always ensure that they have the site to themselves so that they can enjoy the solitude.

The Gum Trees in the Boolcunda Creek are supplied by an underground water stream, they are green and healthy, even if the creek is not running during most of the year. The large natural spring, holds water all year round and is home to an abundance of birds and plants.

A combined toilet and shower block for campers is located next to the Shearing Shed, we can also supply drinking water/ bore water.

Enjoy a simple getaway – walking along gum creeks, exploring our natural spring, hiking up the stony Bluff, cycling through the beautiful country or gazing at the Milky Way while sitting around a bonfire.

Phone: (08) 8658 9076

235 Almerta Road