Emu Creek Station

Emu Creek Station was established in 1891 and covered nearly half a million acres where up to 20,000 sheep were grazed and shorn. The rich history of Emu Creek Station can be seen in the current homestead and the 12-stand Oregon Wool Shed, however, the true beauty of the station is in it’s landscape and wildlife. From the red dusty gravel road, the rocky outcrops and the picturesque vista from the riverbanks, Emu Creek Station is an iconic piece of the Pilbara landscape.

Today we proudly breed predominantly Drought-Master cattle, conduct an official weather recording station and provide camping sites to the public so that everyone can experience the beauty of our surrounding countryside. 

A trip to our local supermarket is 500 kilometre round trip, so we either grow what we eat or have our stores delivered by the mail truck once a week. Our pantry has to be fairly well stocked!

Phone: (08) 9943 0534

Address: 1 Nyang Rd, Yannarie, Western Australia, 6710

Email: emucreekstation@gmail.com

Website: https://emucreekstation.com