Life & Times at Lamboo Station

Host: DAFWA Aboriginal Business Development Project
Written by Robin Yeeda – Ngunjiwirri Aboriginal Corporation.

This blog was written by Robin Yeeda. Robin is one of the creators of the ‘Ngunjiwirri Aboriginal Corporation’, one of the indigenous groups the ABD project works with.

Lamboo Station is roughly 50km west of Halls Creek town, along the Great Northern Highway and the place I grew up and have lived all my life. My Father worked on stations in the Kimberley all of his life and had the vision that we could one day also have our own cattle station. His dream became a reality in 2002 when we were able to aquire Lamboo Station.

We formed a corporation ‘Ngunjiwirri Aboriginal Corporation’ to manage the property and began the hard work of building our dream to become beef cattle producers in our own right. We’re a family run business employing my brothers, cousins, and other relatives working to get all the jobs done and a lot of those people also hold Director positions overseeing the management of the business. Balancing all of that and having other jobs can be very challenging at times but I’m proud of what we have achieved.

Ngunjiwirri Aboriginal Corporation.

In the early days it was a tough managing a lease with no money, tired infrastructure, no machinery, and poor quality cattle. So we rolled up our sleeves and got stuck into the jobs that we could do by hand.

Our cattle numbers have built up since the early days when we were managing only a few hundred head and I took every chance I could to buy good Brahman bulls to put over our breeders every year. There was a lot of pressure to put that money elsewhere but I’m glad I stuck at it because the quality of our animals and numbers has really improved and getting better every year. Getting rid of the cheeky mickey bulls (famous Lamboo scrub bulls) has been an ongoing battle that I’m slowly winning.

Recently we decided at Board level to bring in an outside investor to help us build up our lease and fast track the development of our property. We sought interest from neighbouring properties those that might be interested in a partial sub-lease and had some good offers to consider. After much consideration and discussion we decided to engage with Haydn and Jane Sale from Yougawalla Pty Ltd on a deal that will help set up Lamboo station for the future. I’ve still got plenty of work on managing the northern section of the property while helping out Haydn on work required in the sub-leased portion.

I’m committed to the beef industry and dedicated my whole life to being involved with the industry. I’ve taken every chance I can to improve my understanding of the industry including taking on positions within the Department of Agriculture and Food, going to Ag school, going to Industry field days, events, visiting other properties, and listening to industry experts. I use all of that knowledge I have gained and tried to apply it to our business.


I am proud to say that we are a strong and committed aboriginal managed and led beef business providing a strong future for ourselves and hopefully an example for our next generation to follow.