*Note: The information on this page is relevant to 2016

Host: Aneka Collison & Hugh James
Region: Kimberley Region, Fitzroy Crossing
Nearest town for shopping, doctors etc: Fitzroy Crossing, 15km
Nearest roadhouse: Fitzroy Crossing, 15km
How often and how the mail is delivered: We have a PO Box, so we collect our mail each day. Otherwise, when someone goes into town from the station, it is picked up and taken back to the station.
How often and how the stores shopping is done: Station food is delivered, but we do our own shopping at the IGA in Fitzroy, so whenever we need groceries. But, I have been in trouble when cooking a Sunday roast and the shops have closed early on a Sunday! 
How far off the bitumen you are: 3kms

Hugh James is an Environmental Scientist who found himself in the Kimberley studying goannas, and then working on GoGo station as a ringer. Aneka Collison is a Speech Pathologist, working in Fitzroy Crossing. They are both from the same home town of Nelson Bay, in New South Wales.

They came to live in Fitzroy when Hugh was offered a position as the Gooniyandi Ranger Coordinator in Fitzroy Crossing. Due to knowing and working for Rick and Stacey Ford on GoGo the year previous, they were luckily enough to find themselves a new home on GoGo. From here on, and a little from a few years previous, the adventures have taken place.

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