Station Name: Barrygowan Station

Managers/ Owners: Hugh and Tannas Godfrey and kids Arly and Rex, South West Queensland

Nearest town for shopping, doctors etc.: Cunnamulla, 150km North West in Queensland or we can also head to Bourke in NSW which is 200km away.

Nearest roadhouse: Cunnamulla, 150km North West

Number of cattle: We are down to about 2500 sheep and have de-stocked all cattle at the moment, due to the drought. In a good rain/flood season we can have 1500 to 2000 cattle and up to 7000 sheep with progeny.

Number of staff (approx.): None. Hugh and I live and work on all jobs although Hugh does most of the farm work and I teach Distance Ed. When we need a second set of hands or damn handy man on a motorbike Tye Simmonds who runs Simmonds Contracting with his wife Steph in Bourke is who we ring.

Size of station: 100,000 acres made up of 3 properties that share common boundaries.

How often and how the mail is delivered: Twice a week, Tuesday and Friday (most of the time) by a mail contractor that comes out from Cunnamulla.

How often and how the stores shopping is done: We do a large shop about once or twice a month that tops up the pantry and deep freezers and keeps our staples sorted. We refresh our veges, milk and bread once a week usually with someone heading to town or we get the mail contractor to pick it up and run it down with the mail.

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