Host: Becky Klingenberg from BK Trick Riding – Run with Wild Horses

Location: Kidman Spring Research Station, NT

Nearest town: Katherine, NT (340km) and Kununurra WA (350km)

Closest Road House: Timber Creek (100km)

Number of cattle: Changes frequently, approx. 1000 head of research cattle.

Staff: 4 permanent positions

Mail: Every Friday! But classical territory time NT= Not Today Not Tomorrow

How far off the bitumen: We are 80km down the Buchanan Highway which runs off the Victoria Hwy

I started up “BK Trick Riding – Run with the Wild Horses” here in the Top End, a dream I longed for and wasn’t quite convinced to compromise in leaving the outback lifestyle for completely.

Working on cattle stations has been my main occupation for the last 7 years and I still to this day thoroughly enjoy it. The job is so big and the range of skills required are never-ending, so you’re always consistently learning new things.

My world revolves around my 3 horses and 3 dogs. They have given my life so much purpose and they bring such enjoyment to my day.

Here I have shared with you my story on how I got bring Trick Riding to the NT and live my dreams out in the middle of the bush.


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