Host: Glenflorrie Station

Managers/Owners: Peter, Susan, Murray & Aticia Grey – Glenflorrie Brahmans

Region: South West Pilbara, WA

Nearest town for shopping, doctors etc: Main shopping towns are Carnarvon or Karratha (5 hours away), closest town is Onslow (2 ½ hours away)

Nearest Roadhouse: Nanutarra

Number of cattle: approx. 4,000

Number of staff: Up to 4, does vary depending on the time of year

Size of station: 197,000 hectares

How often and how the mail is delivered: Once a week via mail truck from Carnarvon

How often and how the stores shopping is done:  We do a main stores run from Perth, buying flour, rice, milk powder etc., in bulk.  We top up with fresh stores via the mail run & visitors/stock truck/anyone else passing through every few weeks.

Fateful words…”anything you need us to grab?”

How far off the bitumen you are: 88 kms

Website: www.missgreyphotography.com.au

Facebook: Miss Grey Photography

Uaroo muster 2013

Located near Parabardoo, Glenflorrie Station is owned & run by the Grey family (Peter, Susan, Murray, Adele & Aticia), running 2,500 of mostly Brahman breeders on 475,000 acres of rocky hills & spinifex flats with some washes with buffel grass scattered through.

photoMurray, Adele, Peter, Aticia, Susan

River copy

Mustering line up copy


Our mustering season stretches from May through to late September, with our crew being made up of 2 – 3 employees and family & friends who come up throughout the year to help out.  With only two sets of permanent yards on the property, carting panels & setting up portable yards for each muster stretches our season out so we only get one lap done.  Horses, motorbikes, bull buggies, choppers & working dogs are all part of our mustering ensemble.


MT E Hill


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