Location: Hodgson River Station, NT

Website: Cattle Producer

Hello Central station readers,

I’m located in the NT with my husband and 2 children. We operate a small cattle property in the Roper Gulf breeding Droughtmasters. Our main turnoff is to the live cattle export trade, particularly Indonesia but also the countries that take heavier cattle like Egypt and the Philippines.


Calves Jan 2011_edited-1

In the articles I write for ‘Central station’ I am hoping to take you mustering with us from when we start to get things ready and then through the actual mustering and yard work process.

11.05.13 023_edited-1

We use 4 wheeler bikes and hire a chopper, our country is very rugged hopefully the cattle well behaved and the weather at the moment is truly beautiful. So please join me as we go mustering, bring the cattle in and sort them out.


01.06.13 118 Muster #1 herd

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