Host: Jim and Terry Lindsay – Low Stress Stock Handling

Blog author: Anna Tickle

Region: Hughenden, Queensland

Nearest town for shopping: Hughenden – 90km away

Number of Cattle: 4000

Number of Staff: 4

Size of Property: 24, 000 ha

How often and how the mail is delivered: Twice weekly

How often is the shopping done: Every few weeks

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Jim and Terry Lindsay are livestock producers based near Hughenden in North West Queensland, running up to 5000 head of Brahman cattle on 24,000 ha in an average season.

Over the years, Jim and Terry have become heavily involved in training within the livestock production landscape, which sees them travel across the country to teach and take part in schools and education programs.

For Jim and Terry’s livestock operation, a heavy focus on breeding fertile, medium-framed animals with a good temperament is paramount, ultimately leading to profits.

Being a couple that generally keeps pretty busy with an impressive array of commitments, hosting the Central Station blog is something new for Jim and Terry, and they hope you find their story interesting.

You can learn more about their livestock handling schools at http://www.lss.net.au/

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