Host: Kadaitcha Pastoral Company

Owner: Sam Chisholm and James Christian 

Managers: As above

Region: Central Australia

Nearest town for shopping, doctors etc: Alice Springs

Nearest roadhouse: Tilmouth Well Roadhouse

Number of cattle: 800

Number of staff: 2 – 5 

Size of station: 110 square kilometres 

How often and how the mail is delivered: Once a week

How often and how the stores shopping is done: Once a month

How far off the bitumen you are: Little bit long way (100km ish)

Rainfall: 10 inches 

Mustering pilot and part time vagabond, Sam grew up on Napperby Station 200km North West of Alice Springs. The early years were spent barefoot and feral on the station attending school with sister Georgie in the worlds largest classroom, Alice Springs School of the Air (SOA). Following SOA was boarding school in Sydney, then onto a helicopter license on the Gold Coast which led to a job in Kununurra, WA, where Sam spent the next 6 years chasing cows round the Kimberley. After the glory days Sam attended Marcus Oldham college completing a Diploma in Agribusiness, and then worked as a desk jockey on Queen St in Brisbane, gaining a wealth of corporate experience which he then threw away to return to the Territory to chase cows again – this time for Kadaitcha Pastoral Company, a budding cattle empire and soon to be superpower in the beef game. Sam’s nomadic formative years and cunning sense of adventure have led him on many ridiculous journeys around the world including overland from London to Russia, horseback across Kenya and currently a motorcycle trip from Argentina to Alaska. In his spare time Sam enjoys taking photographs, surfing and writing about himself in the third person.  

James grew up in the leafy streets of the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Having finished school he took a gap year and worked at a school in the UK, backpacking the continent in the holidays. Upon returning to Sydney he simultaneously kicked off an undergraduate degree at UNSW and a career at GrainCorp. Choosing to work at GrainCorp full time instead of completing his honours year (when the thesis topic given to him was “analysis of clay mineral content of the soils of Bourke, NSW”) James was given two periods of leave without pay where he travelled overseas again but managed to end up working for his uncle and aunt on their cattle station in the Tanami Desert. James left GrainCorp to pursue a career in the beef industry, working as the Operations Manager for Precision Pastoral, a company engaged in the manufacture of and data analysis from walkover weighing and drafting livestock equipment. Now James works full time in the desert with the main aim of turning Kadaitcha Pastoral Company into a household name (for the right reasons).

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