Host: Montejinni Station (AA Company)

Managers: Willy and Amanda Brown

Region: Victoria River Region NT

Nearest Town: Katherine (300km East)

Nearest Roadhouse: Top Springs (13km East)

Number of Cattle: approx. 25,000 head

Number of Staff: 14 full time employees

Size of station: 1.2 million acres

Mail: Mail is delivered every Thursday on the mail plane

Stores: Stores are ordered online and received once every fortnight via a transport company

Montejinni Station is in the beautiful Victoria River Region of the Northern Territory, it has some major water systems running through it which provide year round surface water and some pretty cool little fishing holes. We have a staff of 14 permanent employees but fluctuates a fair bit with the addition of helicopter pilots, truck drivers, other stations stockcamps, contractors and the rest. Montejinni is predominantly a breeder block and we feed our weaners into other AA Company properties in the region.  My husband Willy Brown and I have been the management team here for over a year and have a number of employees that have been here with us the whole time. We are very lucky to have a great crew and be living in a very interactive community where we are able to participate in many social events. Our major one being Pussy Cat Bore Campdraft which is held at Pussy Cat bore on Montejinni Station every year in August.

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