Host: Riveren & Inverway Station

Managers/ Owners: Owners- Japfa Santori Australia, a fully owned subsidiary of Japfa Comfeed TBK, an Indonesian company, Managers- Mick and Georgia Underwood

Region: Southern Victoria River District of the Northern Territory

Nearest town for shopping, doctors etc: Katherine, (600km)

Nearest roadhouse: Top Springs (350km)

Number of cattle: 45,000 head

Number of staff: 12

Size of station: 5000 km2 (1.2 million acres)

How often and how the mail is delivered: We get our mail weekly via mail plane (weather permitting)

How often and how the stores shopping is done: Once a fortnight

How far off the bitumen you are: 150km

Riveren homestead copy

Riveren and Inverway Stations are located in the Southern Victoria River District of the Northern Territory. Inverway was purchased in 1956 by Pat Underwood and Tom Quilty with the Underwoods subsequently buying out the Quilty share.  In 1968 John and Terry Underwood commenced the development of Riveren Station on the headwaters of the Victoria River.  Riveren was eventually subdivided from the Inverway lease in 1978.  A decade later Bunda Station was subdivided from the western portion of Inverway.  In 2007 John Terry and family purchased Inverway from the Westaway family.

In 2013 the Underwoods sold Riveren and Inverway Station to Japfa Santori Australia PL, a fully owned subsidiary of Indonesian company PT Santosa Agrindo. Michael and Georgia Underwood stayed on to manage the properties for the new owners.

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