Host: El Questro Station

Managers/Owners: Salerno Family

Region: East Kimberley, Western Australia

Nearest town for shopping: Kununurra

Nearest Roadhouse: Wyndham

Number of Cattle: 8,000

Number of Staff: 15-20

Size of Station: 1,000,000 acres +

How often & how mail delivered: from Kununurra Post Office twice a week

How often and how the stores shopping is done: Weekly & in bulk at Coles in Kununurra

  Walking across a salt flat.

Salerno Pastoral is a family run cattle operation with family and friends flying in from Australia each dry season for the annual family tradition of mustering and drafting cattle. Come muster season the team includes a diverse mix of lawyers, accountants, tradies, financiers and even models. No one cares where you come from when your in the yards or out chasing bulls – the scrub bulls don’t notice either and come nightfall we all gather around the fire for a tinny, yarns and if lucky, someone will strum their guitar.

Salerno Pastoral 2 - Navarone in yards copyNavarone in the yards.

The Salerno Pastoral team are lucky to run their operation on El Questro Station, also home to world renowned El Questro Tourism Park. While the station is famous for its magnificent gorges and scenic landscape; it does make easy hiding for wild cattle come muster time and the Salerno Pastoral team need all hands on deck to navigate through some of the territory.

Salerno PAstoral 3 - Cowboy Jumping Fence copyA cowboy jumping the fence.

James Junior, aka ‘Hawkeye’ runs the cattle operation and is recognisable by his trademark stubbies and Adidas thongs on his sturdy and sizeable figure. Elder Brother Matteo Salerno is a lawyer and also a muster pilot. Matteo has also recently launched Droneiview Australia a drone technology business specialising in pastoral operations. James’ elder sister Emma Salerno is also a lawyer but rides horses as well as being a competent cattle woman.

The team also includes cousin Navarone ‘Navs’ Salerno and his sister Anika Salerno, Anika’s husband Andrew manages staffing and is also heading up new clothing brand Ringers Western.

James (Hawkeye’s) fiance is English rose Francesca Millman who has fully embraced the outback aussie lifestyle; uncle Ben Salerno fulfills the classic crazy uncle role; Lincoln ‘The Pretender’ Haycroft is cowboy come mechanic come anything he turns his hand too.  Kerrian ‘Mamma Bear’ Salerno is Hawkeye’s mother and runs a tight ship in the camp kitchen. Grayson ‘Hammo’ Hamilton-Smith quirky cowboy style keeps the team entertained and Kirsty his girlfriend has shown herself to be a avid horsewoman. 

There are many other aunties, cousins, nieces, nephews and friends who have come on board along the way too numerous to mention who all join in for muster season!

Salerno Pastoral currently runs cattle on El Questro station, and the stock camps around the station are from between one and two and half hours from either the town of Kununurra or Wyndham, the oldest and most northern town in WA.

Salerno Pastoral 4 - Mustered up copyMustered up.

musterfamily copy

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