Host: Yarrie Station

Managers/ Owners: Annabelle Coppin

Region: Pilbara, Western Australia             

Nearest town for shopping, doctors etc: 
Marble Bar – approx. 90kms via gravel then 50km sealed (nurse, pub)

Port Hedland – approx. 50km gravel, 200km sealed (Stores, parts, freight)

Nearest roadhouse: Pardoo 100km

Number of cattle: 5000 head

Number of staff: 8 in mustering, 3 permanent (including southern property north of Perth)

Size of station: 250,000 Ha (617,700 acres)

How often and how the mail is delivered: Once per week via plane at Yarrie airstip, 5km from house

Yarrie has been in the Coppin family for 5 generations and after 5 years of management, Annabelle has this year been privileged to have the opportunity to purchase Yarrie from her parents. Muccan is an original separate lease that has been running conjunction with Yarrie over the past 25 years. It has now been purchased by her brother and wife and is in the process of being rebuilt and run as a separate enterprise. Exciting times are ahead for these two properties and a new generation to take them forward into the future.

Yarrie also runs in conjunction with a 1300 Ha farming property 1400km south in the Mid West region of the state, that is leased off Annabelles parents. This relieves the numbers of cattle on the property every year especially in dry times and also has the ability to value add to them with more intense temperate pastures.

Yarrie Station provides around 3 million meals of quality beef meals to both Australian and the world annually. I grew up on the property with my parents and older brother and have now managed Yarrie for 3 years. Before this I was working in the Middle East with Meat and Livestock Australia in the livestock export industry improving animal welfare in feedlots and abattoirs. A great experience to spend time with people and develop a stronger understanding of the live export market beyond our front gate. I believe I now have a fair and balanced view of the necessity of this trade to not only Australia but the rest of the world who demand our livestock. 

Yarrie is not only our livelihood, it is our home and we are deeply connected with the landscape. We have a team of mainly young people that help us on the property, many of which have lived here for years and also class as their special home.

Our industry is innovative, exciting with a future that is in our hands. We are all passionate about improving our landscape, having solid animal welfare practices and a importantly a viable dynamic business to allow us to remain in a position to keep improving our property and practices in the future.

I look forward to being apart of Central Station to share our story with the rest of Australia.

Target-100-Sustainable-Farming-Annabelle-CoppinAnnabelle Coppin

1. CREW PICTUREThe Yarrie Team 2014

2. copyFlying over a creek running through Yarrie

3. IMG_3134 copyHills behind Yarrie Homestead

4. Yarrie HSD copyThe Yarrie Homestead

5. IMG_3173 copyThe Gazebo – a recent addition built by the 2013 team for a warm gathering area

6. JS-6138Fueling up

7. Mundrinyah hills copyMundrinyah Hills on Yarrie

8. RIVERThe DeGrey River runs though the station

9. Tamungunya and Richfield September 09 025 copyYarrie cattle on our southern farm – look at that grass!



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