Missing In Action: Is anyone still out there?

Host: Miss Chardy

Boy, I know I say this all the time, but seriously . . . where has the year gone and how . . . HOW can it be June already???? I have been so slack with my blog posts of late . . . I am not sure if I just haven’t been feeling the blogging love or if I have just been way too busy to even think about it. I feel like there are ten thousand things running through my mind and I can’t possibly even think about blogging.

The desk where I blog has also been one big mess for about the past five months but guess what – I cleaned it up yesterday and look what happens . . . here I am blogging. Turns out when you get rid of all of the clutter you really can think a lot more clearly.

Now to those of you wondering why you have seen me in the kitchen of late – yes . . . I am the cook again. Quite enjoying it this time around actually. Clancy is at school full time now so it is very peaceful over there. Sometimes it all gets a bit much but for the most part it is going well. It is all well and good if I am here for weeks and months on end without going anywhere but this little extrovert would probably blow a gasket if I didn’t get off the station on a regular basis. But I suppose those trips away are also when things fall apart a tiny little bit . . . because after that I seem to be chasing my tail and get a little overwhelmed.

Now, to those of you who were asking last night how I get my potatoes to look like that, here is your answer. It is possibly from the light on the bain marie but they were lovely and golden in real life too. Super easy. I put all the veg in a big stainless steel bowl (looks a lot like a hub cap) then pour a fair bit of olive oil over them and use my hands to toss them around. Don’t be a tight ass with the oil, go hard. I cook then put them on a big tray that I have covered in foil (saves scrubbing) and also glad bake. I then pour the veg onto the tray and sprinkle with paprika (DD used to always put Paprika on her veg so I do too – gives them a lovely golden colour). I cook them for a fair while, and turn them after about 1.5 hours. Probably depends on your oven. Hope that helps.

So at least I caught you up on one of my trips – to the Clarke Creek ICPA Luncheon. But what else have we been up to? Well apart from feeding everyone we had our annual week in Mt Isa for Home Tutor Seminar Harry went to Adels Grove for his year five camp which meant it was just Clancy left at home with us. Clancy really did miss his little friend and lego partner in crime.

And of course we also just had Camooweal Campdraft. It was this time 16 years ago that I met Mr Chardy – at Camooweal Campdraft. How romantic. My very first campdraft (also thought it would be my last as I only came up here for one year back in 2001 . . . ). I tell you what, things were so much easier this year. The boys are finally all at a great age (not to mention the fact that we are down one – Tom at boarding school – he was very sad to be missing out but will be home soon) . . . Clancy just ran with the pack and I hardly saw them all day each day. I have waited 12 years for this day my friends. I have done 12 years of little kids or babies at this draft and I am so glad to be out of the baby/toddler fog. I look back now and wonder how the hell I did it or actually – why I did it.

Anyway, I have to stop overthinking this whole blogging thing and remember that DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT and SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING and just keep typing. As I sit here tapping away I am sipping my cappuccino out of my new coffee mug that the wonderful ladies from the Clarke Creek ICPA gave me, along with heaps of other gorgeous treats. I am absolutely loving myself sick with this mug . . .

If you would like to drive people crazy too you can get yourself one from Typo. Don’t you just love it?!!!

So I guess I might stop here. Best get back to the kitchen and cook up a storm. It is a pretty easy dinner tonight – meat pies. Home made of course but using a Sunbeam Pie Maker. It is unreal and pumps out four pies in seven minutes. Too easy!

Now please tell me . . . is anyone actually still out there reading Miss Chardy? I am sorry I have been missing for so long. I think I need a new plan, perhaps I will try to blog twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Or let’s just play it by ear, fly by the seat of our pants.

What have you been up to?
Do you feel like Christmas is approaching way too fast and that the year has gotten out of control?