Moble Homestead

The Rutledge family bought country in the Quilpie district in 1914 and it has remained their home for five generations.

The Rutledge family are proud wool producers and keen environmentalists, passionate about their country and its sustainability. Brian has been a pilot for many years and after a forced retirement of his beloved RDP has recently embraced a drone. Whilst we are all enjoying the amazing photographs, it is not quite like flying and the airstrip remains ready for any fly-in visitors.

A shared interest in great seasonal food and good company has been our inspiration to open the doors and create the Moble Homestead experience.

Join us on our creek and enjoy the unique charm of this bush home and its surrounds.

Phone: (07) 4656 4731

Address: 3176 Tobermory Road Quilpie, QLD, Australia 4480