Quobba Station

Quobba is a family operated, working pastoral station that borders 80km of Western Australia’s spectacular coastline. The 187 000 acre station was established in 1898 and is bounded by Gnarloo Station to the North, Lake McLeod and Boolathana Station to the East/South and the Indian Ocean to the West. 

The Meecham’s have been on Quobba Station for over 40 years, with Tim, Sara and family here for over 22 years. The Station runs approximately 10 000 damaras (South African meat sheep) after originally running merino (wooly) sheep. 

The Shearing quarters were used for shearers accommodation until 2005 when the Station changed from merino sheep to damaras (hairy not wooly therefore there is no shearing needed).

Phone: (08) 9948 5098

Email: quobbabookings@gmail.com

Website: https://www.quobba.com.au/