RCS (Resource Consulting Services) is Australia’s leading provider of holistic, regenerative farm business education and advisory services. We work with individuals, families, corporates and government groups, assisting them to grow productive, profitable agricultural businesses within regenerative landscapes.

Our cornerstone products, the Grazing for Profit School and the Farming & Grazing for Profit School has been delivered in every Australian state to more than 5500 farmers, empowering them to increase profit, lift the health and production of their land, improve relationships in their business and enhance their work-life balance.

The calibre of our schools is matched by no other provider in Australia, having been especially tailored over 30 years to suit the many varied learning styles of farmers and industry members. We are continually updating our programs to include the latest information on livestock management and production, soil health, business and personal development.

W: www.rcsaustralia.com.au
P: 1800 356 004
E: info@rcsaustralia.com.au


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