Rural Leadership Bootcamp Bike Project

Aim: To raise funds for the Isolated Children’s Parents Association by selling raffle tickets for two bikes (one yellow & one black).

Why: It is generally well known that families that live in rural and remote areas of Australia have to deal with many disadvantages on a daily basis, however, what is not as obvious to many who do not live in these situations is the distances between many rural communities, not to mention rural families in outback isolation. We of the Rural Leadership Bootcamp – Broome, October 2016, wish to highlight the vast distances and isolation that many children and their families have to deal with, particularly in something as simple as the right to a decent education, and that the ICPA is a valued organisation that helps to mitigate these disadvantages.

Method: The bikes are to travel in two directions:

  • North & East through the Kimberley (yellow bike)
  • South & West through the Pilbara (black bike)

This is to cover as many kilometres as possible between now and the Raffle Draw around the 7th December (before Christmas). The date will be advertised closer to the draw. The revenue target is on the basis of $1.00/kilometre covered and will cover approximately 3500km in total. This is to be confirmed via Google maps or equivalent and a path following each bikes travel can be followed. Each member of each team (Black & Yellow) has a role to play in communicating the story of why the raffle is being conducted, the story of their station and photos of the bike will be uploaded to a variety of websites to authenticate each bike’s travels during their period of responsibility.

The proposed routes that each bike will travel are as follows:

Black Bike (Pilbara):                   

Broome – Anna Plains Station

Anna Plains to De Grey Station

De Grey to Sherlock Station

Sherlock to Yarrie Station

Yarrie Station to Marble Bar = raffle drawn at Iron Clad Hotel

Yellow Bike (Kimberley):

Broome to Country Downs Station

Country Downs to Derby

Derby to Liveringa Station

Liveringa to Lamboo/ Springvale Station

Lamboo/Springvale to Carlton Hill/Ivanhoe

Carlton Hill to Kununurra = raffle drawn in Kununurra

The above routes are proposed, however, as we all know, plans made in outback Australia are always subject to change at a moment’s notice. So there may be a detour to an unknown or even well-known destination along the way. Be sure to follow the bikes path’s on the sources listed below.

Tickets cost: $2 for one, $5 for three

Where you can watch each bikes progress:

Tickets cost: $2 for one, $5 for three. Tickets will be travelling with the bikes and can be purchased at the various places they spend for a while. For those that are interested in purchasing tickets, but will not be anywhere near the bikes, you can email: and we will endeavour to get some tickets to you.

Please note: The Rural Leadership Bootcamp is not responsible for postage/freight to the winner, but can arrange transport to the major towns of the Kimberley/Pilbara area (e.g. Broome, Derby, Port Hedland).

Good luck & Kind Regards,

Participants of the Rural Leadership Bootcamp – Broome, Oct 2016