VSun Energy

VSUN Energy is a 100% owned subsidiary of ASX listed Australian Vanadium Ltd. VSUN Energy offers customers a series of products and services centred around the generation and storage of renewable energy.

Renewable energy is, by nature, inconsistent. However, it’s imperative that energy is available for consumption 24 hours per day. Consumers relying on renewable energy face a challenge in how to store and regulate the flow of that energy. Energy storage technologies are rapidly becoming a key part of the solutions to achieve these aims. Batteries using vanadium as the primary element are becoming a preferred option within the energy storage technology market for those seeking high power, multi-hour, very high cycle, non-flammable solutions.

A: Level 1, 85 Havelock Street
West Perth WA 6005
P: (08) 9321 5594
W: http://vsunenergy.com.au

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