Wallal to Wagga Wagga

Host: Warrawagine Cattle Co.
Written by Jacinta Mills – Owner, Warrawagine Cattle Co.

This time last year my days were filled with checking our cattle, starting pumps, cleaning troughs, fixing fences, and studying part time via distance education (DE).The problem with doing any form of study via DE when you have a job that see’s you working ten hour days, seven days a week, you don’t have a lot of time to get the study done. When the end of the year came I made the decision to become a full time uni student. So I filled out all of the paperwork for the transfer and got accepted. The wet season had me working some very long hot days and nights which I am very thankful for, as it kept my mind off having to think about moving away. I don’t think it matters what age you are or the distance, homesickness can hit anyone at any time.

4.1 copySunrise after night shift.

4.2 copyWet season storms over homestead.

Christmas and the New Year came and went faster than a jet plane, and the next thing I knew it was time to pack up my suitcase and fly to Perth. I spent a few days in the city packing my ute (with everything but the kitchen sink) and saying goodbye to friends and family. Thursday morning arrived and I was on the road.

I had allowed myself five days to get to northern Victoria but it turns out I only needed three. I spent a couple of weeks at a friend’s place adjusting to the weather and daylight savings before heading up to Wagga Wagga for check in day at Charles Sturt University.  The first semester of my Bachelor degree in Agricultural Science was FULL ON! Not only did most days have me thinking “What the hell am I doing here?” but I also felt like a fish out of water being nearly ten years older than every other student.

Wednesday nights are “uni night” at the pubs and bars here in Wagga so in an effort to try and fit in I would tag along and drink and dance to the early hours of the mornings. This slowed down once I became friends with other students in my course and I got to know my housemates a lot better. After finally settling into a routine and getting my study under control it was exam week and then mid-year break. WOO HOO – 3 weeks back home in the sunshine and working cattle! It also meant spending more time with Katie the new station hand at Wallal. Being of similar age the two of us get along like a house on fire.

4.3 copyUni nights with my house mates and uni friends.

4.4 copyMyself and Katie at Wallal.