Have you ever wondered what it’s like living five hours from the nearest supermarket? Or having a million acre backyard, with your neighbours a two hour drive away?

How about going to primary school over the internet and having your mail delivered by plane, while you spend your days mustering cattle using horses, motorbikes and helicopters?

What would life be like if you didn’t own a fridge and had to buy your meat fresh from the market every day to feed your family?

Central Station is here to give you the chance to learn about the North Australia and Indonesian cattle industry from the comfort of your home. Sit back, relax and follow the journey of Australian cattle from their beginning on cattle stations to the overseas markets for which they are bred. Along the way, take the time to meet people who care for these animals and learn about their unique way of life.

The Central Station journal has been created by a group of women who love their way of life in the northern cattle industry. Like many farmers they are passionate about what they do and proud to be able to use the highest welfare standards in the world to supply much needed protein to millions of people in developing countries.

While on an industry visit to Indonesia they took the opportunity to learn about and develop an appreciation for the cultural differences of our closest neighbour. After meeting the people involved in the care of Australian cattle in Indonesia and seeing their facilities for themselves, they were impressed and proud as to how the local standards compare to those in Australia. The Indonesian side of the industry also recognise the importance of engaging with the wider community to offer an insight and understanding into the industry on all sides of the fence.

Inspired by their travels, the women and their families are now committed to sharing their past and present experiences with many others who share their values but very different and diverse ways of life.

Each week Central Station will be hosted by someone involved in the northern cattle industry, whether it be a station, family or industry employee based in Australia or Indonesia. An introduction to the host can be found on the right hand side of the website and throughout their hosting week blogs photos and videos will be posted regularly to show what has been happening in their corner of the cattle world. Here you will have the opportunity to discover the diverse personalities and lifestyles involved in this industry and see that we have one common goal which is the best possible care for our animals.

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