Meet the men and women who live and work on some of Australia’s most remote cattle stations, as they share their stories.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like living a day’s drive from the nearest supermarket? Or having a million-acre backyard, with your next-door neighbours a two-hour drive away?

These compelling true-life stories will open your eyes to what outback life is really like – and why many wouldn’t live anywhere else.

There are yarns from bosses, station cooks, ringers, single mums, kids, governesses, chopper pilots and more, told with humour, self-deprecation – and pride in a job well done. There are tales of mustering, stock camps, working dogs, rogue cattle and hard bloody yakka, but also the fun of a bush wedding or kicking back at a campdraft. There’s the simple wonder of living in an amazing landscape, but also the downside: the ravages of flood, fire and drought. And always there’s the inherent danger of isolation – times when the Flying Doctor came to the rescue, but also times when lives have been tragically cut short.

A vivid, honest picture of outback life: the good, the bad – and the dusty!


Central Station  is an online community engagement platform for the north Australian beef industry.

The concept was developed in 2012 by Kimberley pastoralist Jane Sale. After watching the live trade suspension and its aftermath affect her family, livelihood and industry, Jane vowed she would never rely on anyone else to tell her story again. Jane began to envision a place where people in the northern cattle industry could directly engage with the community without the barrier of geographical isolation.

“Because we are so isolated, it’s really important for us to be able to tell our story, and we have a great story. It’s a story about sustainability, caring for our animals, and the great lifestyle that we are passionate about.” 

– Jane Sale, Founder

“To provide the Australian community an insight into the ‘who, what, where, and why’ of the northern beef industry;
To demonstrate the values of the northern beef industry, to foster trust in and support for the industry;
To provide community engagement, professional, and personal development opportunities to people of the northern beef industry, and;
To provide the opportunity for the global community to engage and participate in the northern Australian beef industry.”

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