Meet the men and women who live and work on some of Australia’s most remote cattle stations, as they share their stories.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like living a day’s drive from the nearest supermarket? Or having a million-acre backyard, with your next-door neighbours a two-hour drive away?

These compelling true-life stories will open your eyes to what outback life is really like – and why many wouldn’t live anywhere else.

There are yarns from bosses, station cooks, ringers, single mums, kids, governesses, chopper pilots and more, told with humour, self-deprecation – and pride in a job well done. There are tales of mustering, stock camps, working dogs, rogue cattle and hard bloody yakka, but also the fun of a bush wedding or kicking back at a campdraft. There’s the simple wonder of living in an amazing landscape, but also the downside: the ravages of flood, fire and drought. And always there’s the inherent danger of isolation – times when the Flying Doctor came to the rescue, but also times when lives have been tragically cut short.

A vivid, honest picture of outback life: the good, the bad – and the dusty!

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