4th time’s a charm for Jess

Host: Glenormiston Station
Written by Jess Coster – Station Hand, Glenormiston.

Jess Coster is our longest serving member on Glenormiston and has been a huge help to us all, there’s nothing like turning up to a new station and having someone stick around and be kind enough to help you out with their knowledge of the place and handy hints they have picked up along the way. Jess started with Stephen and Narda who are now managers of Alexandria Station, NAP Co’s largest property. She has plans of moving on next year and will be missed. We wish her well on her journey in the future and maybe we’ll see her down the track for some equine dentistry expertise.

– Nicky

Hi, my name is Jess Coster and I am a station hand working on one of NAP Co’s channel country properties – Glenormiston Station.

2.1 - Jess Coster
2.2 - Jess CosterJess Coster.

I have worked here on Glenormiston for four seasons now and have loved every minute of it! Glenormiston isn’t the first property I have worked on but it is certainly my favourite as you could probably tell by the longevity of my stay here!

Originally I came from a tiny town in Gippsland, Victoria where I grew up living and working on dairy farms. Most people ask me when they find out where I’m from, what the hell am I doing up here?

Glenormiston is a beautiful property to work on. It is roughly 1.7 million acres of vastly different landscapes, it has everything from thick Gidgee scrub to Sand hills and Spinifex, Downs country to the Rocky Ridges of the Toko Ranges, not forgetting of course the magnificent lakes and river system the station is graced with. Glenormiston is one of NAP Co’s breeder blocks which, seasons depending, is hoping to grow out it’s own steers in the future.

Growing up I always knew I wanted to work with horses, living out here has allowed me to do this not just at work but also play, as we are often heading to local camp drafts for a weekend away. It has also helped me discover something I feel passionate about, by realising the importance of the health and well being of the horses used for work. I am now looking to pursue studying to become an Equine Dentist, to have my own business going from station to station helping out both horses and their riders is hopefully a dream not too far away!