A Kiwi to the Plains

Host: Anna Plains Station
Written by Warren – Mechanic, Anna Plains Station.

If you had of asked me six months ago, where I could see myself today, the last thing I would have told you is on a cattle station in Western Australia 250km away from the closest town!

Six months down the track, and here I am. My name is Warren, I am 23, and the mechanic here on Anna Plains Station.


Originally from the other side of the ditch, I grew up as a member of a six strong dairy farming family from Aotearoa in New Zealand. All through my preteens and early teen years I hopped from farm to farm with the family, forming a strong bond with the outdoors. As the years went by my parents slowly decided it was time for a change so we sold our cow herd, and settled in a small coastal town in the central north island.

At school, I wasn’t much of an academic, other than sports trips and friends, I really only went to school to eat my lunch. I had a job that I loved as a casual milker. I only milked afternoons, and mornings on weekends, and it was a small enough herd that I was running the show mostly by myself.

I left school in 2007 to join the Royal New Zealand Navy enlisting as a Heavy Diesel Marine Technician. My job saw me travel to most of the tropical islands between New Zealand and Australia including Fiji, New Caledonia, Tonga, and Samoa. I also visited nearly every coastal port in New Zealand.

My need for adventure continued to grow whilst in the navy, so in 2012 I packed my bags, and headed for the warmer climate of Queensland. Over the last couple of years, I’ve tried my hand in several jobs, from furniture moving and labouring, to welding and mechanics.

In late October 2013, I came across a job advertisement for a station mechanic. Not knowing anything about what the job entailed, I applied only to receive a phone call minutes later. Sure enough a job was on offer looking after the various bits of heavy machinery, mustering vehicles, generators, and water pumps Anna had floating around. Not really taking any time to think about it, as nervous as I was, I told the man on the other end of the phone, I may not be perfect for the job, but I’ll come and give it my all and I can be there in two weeks.

Now, five months later, it is the best choice I have ever made. It seems like a once in a life time opportunity for a Kiwi boy. My job is never ending, keeps me on my toes, and busy all the time. Having such a wide skill set has suited Anna Plains well. If I’m not in my workshop with my hands covered in grease, I’m out and about with my boots and legs covered in red dirt.


Lately my main job has been completing weld repairs to yards and fences, getting everything in shape for the new mustering season. Also for the last few weeks I’ve been cutting and baling hay for our stock to feed on while in the holding yards. The days are long and hot, but they fly by. I like that I am not only the Mechanic and get to try everything.