A new adventure

Host: BMC Consulting
Written by Blythe Calnan – Consultant, BMC Consulting.

As I come to the end of my Central Station week, I start a new adventure in agriculture. I have had an amazing journey from a handy stock woman to an international consultant. I have travelled the world doing work I am passionate about and supporting an industry I am extremely proud of. The live export industry has given me amazing opportunities and I like to think I have given as much as I’ve taken and left the industry in a better place than when I started.

 5.1I’ve run into many interesting characters in my travels.

The changes I have seen in my five years in our Middle Eastern markets are nothing short of phenomenal. The challenges we face are far from over, we have started something in ESCAS that no one else in the world is anywhere close to. But it’s only a start. We need to keep working on it and all parties need to stay committed and respectful of the principles. That includes producers, exporters, industry bodies, and politicians.

 5.2Cuddled some cute Kids across the globe.

Its been a hard call to move away from a team I really enjoy working with and my relationships on the ground in the Middle East, but I am confident I am leaving them in safe hands. We have some passionate goers on the ground out there who are busting a gut to change the world.

5.3Exploring the environment I work and travel in. 

I am going to try and become accustomed to not having to strain to remember what my partner looks like in the crowd at the international airport, sleep in my own bed, have my dog recognise me, and not have to take the calls saying the goats have foot abscesses, a cow looks like she’s lost an eye, we’ve got no water at the lease block, and your horse looks funny only to reply ‘do the best you can dear, I’ll be home in three weeks’.

 5.4The people I have met have been inspiring.

A goodbye also allows rooms for hellos. I am very excited to be taking on the role of Western Australian Sales Manager with Allflex animal ID. You’ll now find me based at Runnymede travelling WA providing options for animal identification solutions. Its an exciting time to be involved with providing protein to the world, positive trends are not only Australian, but global. Australia’s strong traceability systems are highly valued in our markets and technology is going to aid producers in meeting their production and sustainability goals. This puts me back on the ground talking to the same people I’ve been working for all along, our producers. With Allflex having everything from NLIS, pet microchips, and DNA testing I’m sure I’ll meet some of you along the way!

 5.5The changes in our international markets have been amazing. 

 5.6I’m proud of our industry and confident we can meet the challenges ahead.