A pictorial account of our story so far at Koordarrie (Part One)

Host: Koordarrie Station
Written by Kristie de Pledge – Owner, Koordarrie Station.

It has been an interesting journey so far and the first eight months or so were probably the hardest for myself more than Rory as he continued on as he normally did, mustering and so on next door. But the kids and I had a whole new chapter to start and it was . . . interesting.

See for yourself.

5.1The home site is chosen for more central location and water nearby.

5.2Footing for the dongas are made so cyclones can’t blow us away.

5.3Dongas are on site and not much to look at.

5.4Homestead from sand dune nearby, no lawn, no trees in yet.

5.5Our home for four months, the caravan in the background, nice big sandpit for the kids to play in, no shade though!