Abby’s year on Glenforrie Station

Host: Glenforrie Station
Written by Abby – Station Hand, Glenforrie Station.

I am in the last few weeks before finishing my first season on a cattle station. I work on Glenflorrie station in south west Pilbara.

For me this is a dream come true. I had always wanted to work on a station and I was determined to do so. Back in February I went to a Jillaroo/Jackaroo course in Perth and my motorbike teacher happened to know of some people and this place. So he made a phone call one night and talked me up to my new boss and somehow got me where I am today!

This was the start of a very big exciting change. I grew up on a 200 acre farm in Gippsland, always helping Dad fixing and moving things and taking the time to feed all the animals before we came in for tea. My biggest joy is hand raising baby animals. I almost always had calves and had the occasional piglet and lamb. Just before I left home to come here I had just weaned over 50 calves.

4-1-copyFeeding three week old Peppa Pig.

I had no idea what to expect when I started at Glenflorrie. My first day was straight into mustering. Up at 4am for brekkie and jumping in the ute by 5am to head out! As soon as we got to the yards Teesh chucked me in a bull wagon, gave me a push start, and we were off!

4-2-copyMy bull wagon for the day.

We hung around the windmill keeping cattle there while the chopper was out bringing more in, in bits and pieces with the help from some of the boys. After the chopper pilot said he reckoned we had them all we started to push off. Everything seemed to be going nice and smooth until BANG! And a puff of smoke came from under my bonnet . . . I called for help which came quite quick. Turns out the old motor car over heated and had a temperature gauge that didn’t work so we left it there for the day and I ended up in with Teesh.
Cattle started pouring up the wing into the yards. Wagons and bikes got closer and closer to each other, the chopper was right on top of us blowing the cattle in and engines were all revving. It was all very exciting!

4-3-copyAll the cattle yarded up ready to be drafted and processed.

I really enjoy working with cattle. When I look back on myself from the start of the year to now I realise how much more confident I have gotten. At the start of the year there was no way you could make me get in the forcing yard with all the cattle trying to push them up. But now I have no problem getting in and doing it. This year I have pushed myself so hard and to step out of my comfort zone and try new things and I couldn’t even start to tell you how much I have learnt while being here.

4-4-copyWorking in the yards.

Teesh is teaching me how to pregnancy test at the moment. I’ve found it very interesting and I feel its a great thing to have up your sleeve if you know a little bit about it. I’ve been taught how to castrate, and drive the backhoe so I can feed hay out to the weaners. I also got lucky enough to go for a few chopper rides! Awesome experience! I had always wanted to get up there and see the land from above.

4-5-copyPhoto of the yards nice and full after a big day mustering.

I have also got my own responsibilities around here too. Looking after all the weaners that aren’t quite ready to be put out in a paddock yet so I’ve got to feed them pellets everyday and make sure they get their hay. But my most favourite part is I am in charge of raising all the poddies! I weaned seven in August. I currently have 10 happy little babies hooning around the place.

4-6-copyHelping a young straggler find Mum.

4-7-copyAbby and Indie.

Definitely the best place to start at. Definitely coming back next year!