Around Australia to Myroodah

Host: Myroodah Station
Written by Christeen Young – Station Cook, Myroodah Station.

There’s a very important lady on the Station here who I like to refer to as our “Lamington Queen”! She is our Station Cook and I assure you it is one of the most important roles on any cattle station that employs staff. If the workers are not well fed and the kitchen environment is not a happy one, then the whole team morale is compromised. Here is Christeen’s story . . .

 3.1 copyChris Young (the “Lamington Queen”) in the kitchen at Myroodah.

We are Chris and Glenn Young and this is our story of how we ended up at Myroodah Station in the west Kimberley. After many years in the planning, long hours of work for Glenn building our camper, we had a send-off party to remember!

We headed off from our hometown of Woodford in south-east Queensland in September 2013. We headed north to Cooktown where we stopped to do our first couple of months work. We have a small tree-lopping business at home in Woodford, but we were soon to discover that was not the work we would be continuing with as we travelled. Glenn was hired as a handyman as he has a talent when it comes to fixing things with limited tools. I discovered I like to work in a kitchen . . . go figure!

We zig-zagged our way across Australia seeing some amazing sites and meeting some amazing people and fellow travellers. We began travelling for three months, then pulling up and working for three months. We’ve had a variety of jobs from roadhouses to work on an island off the WA coast to cattle stations!

3.2 Chris and Glenn sightseeing at Mitchell Falls in the Kimberley region.

We were up at Cape Leveque in the north-west Kimberley at the time when we were looking for work and I spotted Pam’s advertisement for a cattle station cook. After speaking to Pam I decided I would give it a go. At the time there was no job for Glenn, but as it was only for just over one month while they finished off their working season we took the job anyway. It was the start of November and they were finishing their season off, but we soon realised it was a great place to work.

I only had to cook for around 15 people and the guys were easily pleased and ate everything I dished up. We really enjoyed getting to know all the boys and learning about a very different way of life to our own.

At the end of our time at Myroodah last year, we finished up and immediately started contemplating coming back in the New Year. There would also be work for Glenn as the Workshop/Maintenance allrounder as Pam and Chris could see his many skills during our first stop here.

And so we did!

3.3 copyGlenn Young doing some maintenance in the workshop at Myroodah.