Beef 2015

Host: Koordarrie Station
Written by Kristie de Pledge – Owner, Koordarrie Station.

Seven months ago, Rory and I talked about how we would like to go to Beef Week in Rockhampton, Queensland. Beef Week is a huge event occuring once every three years, showcasing beef cattle breeds, trade stalls, and anything else you could think of to do with cattle. We have never been before and as beef cattle growers, it felt like a pilgrimage we needed to do. Particulary after the ups and downs of the past few years.

So I set about ringing up places for accomodation and it was not easy finding something! I must have rang 20-30 places in Rockhampton, enquiring about several nights over the week and was not having much luck! Pretty much every place was booked out and I was just about ready to give up and start searching further afield when finally, there was a hotel available not far from the grounds.

Yay, accomodation was booked! Time kept marching by, summer came and went. The rains arrived late and up until then it was looking dicey whether we would be able to go. Thankfully it did rain, enabling us to really relax and enjoy our time away. Did I mention we were leaving the kids behind???!

5.1Rain came in the end.

Eventually it came to day of departure from Perth. Travelling with Rory’s father and brother, we flew over and picked up our hire care in Rocky. Wow, it really does feel like your butt is dragging on the ground in those tiny little buzz boxes! Jammed into the Corolla, we found our way to the hotel and caught up with a niece who had married a Queenslander and whom both were waiting for us there. I was looking forward to seeing my sister and other special people on this trip. Despite the huge distances, it seems you always run into someone you know!

5.2So nice to see family and be amongst friends so far from home.

So Monday morning, the hubby, father in law, and brother in law headed out to look at bulls, and I stayed with my niece and her hubby and we got in the gate early for Beef Week 2015. Wow, wow, and wow.

5.3A must see and do!

There is so much to see! Cattle were happily standing or laying on straw tied up, chewing their cud. So many different breeds to ooh and aah over, I wanted to take home some Angus Lowlines but hubby wouldn’t let me. The amount of effort each cattle exhibitor goes too is inspiring, there were tables and chairs, cold water, hot water, decorations, gifts, and really friendly people.

There was trade stalls of every imaginable thing to do with cattle, shiny new crushes, calf cradles, panels, veterinary gear, machinery . . . the list is long! I enjoyed myself immensely in the clothing stores, getting presents and things I think I need . . . hey I have been saving up for this for six months!!

It did get quite warm in the middle part of the day, but no fear, there was plenty of places to sit and relax. Cold water or beer, whatever you prefer, and a good snack were all around. We went to the Ribs ‘n’ Rumps and I can highly recommend it!

Entertainment was non stop, with bands playing and fashion parades being just the start. I only caught a bit of these, enjoying the music Wednesday night with some dancing. Not sure what was going on, but a few West Aussies were the only ones dancing that night, our little group enjoyed ourselves anyway!

Cattle showing during the day was so interesting, absolutely beautiful cattle everywhere.

5.4Can’t beat the Brahman for majesty and presence.

There were talks and seminars all week and hubby attended a couple of those, you can never stop learning and being able to listen to such knowledgeable people from every angle of the beef game was great.

After three days of walking around the grounds, I still don’t think I saw everything! We networked, caught up with old friends, made new ones, soaked up information, and generally had a GREAT time.

The best part was seeing how huge the industry is and we feel so proud to be a small part of it.