Episode 10: Dr Jillian Kelly – CSI for cattle, drought smokos, and painting in the bush

Dr Jillian Kelly is the District Vet in Coonamble, New South Wales.

You know the show CSI – Crime Scene Investigation? Well, Jill is basically a detective for diseases in farm animals. She discovered the first case of Ichthyosis fetails, or Fish Scale Disease, in Australia!

Jill is also the founder of the “Drought Smoko”, and has hosted over 70 “smokos” to bring together farmers struggling with drought and share information on livestock management.

In addition to being a badass investigative vet and support person for local graziers, Jill is also a talented watercolour artist!

We cover all of the above and a fair bit more in this episode.

You can follow Jill on Instagram at @miss.vet or on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Miss-Vet-273828582974569/

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