Episode 18: Tips for station newbies (let’s talk about sex)

This episode is based on one of the most popular stories on the Central Station website, called “Tips for station newbies”. From advice when applying for a job, to what to pack and how to behave once you’ve got the job – we cover a lot in this episode!  We even cover … sex! So, if you have little ones around, it might be best to plug in some headphones.

Whether you’re heading out to a station for the first time, or you’ve been around for a while, there’s something for everything in this episode. If you have any advice you think we should include on our website, send us a message through our website or any of our social media accounts.

Ok, here is the mandatory disclaimer… The views reflected in this episode are those of the author and podcast host, and do not necessarily represent the views of Central Station staff, people who contribute to our website or our wonderful sponsors. The original blog was written in good humor and that is the same for this episode – we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and you shouldn’t either – we encourage you to take the following with a grain of salt and make up your own mind.

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In this episode we mention a few stories from our website which you can find below:

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