Family life on a station

Host: Kalyeeda Station
Written by Wave Camp – Owner, Kalyeeda Station.

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Since Dad and Mum bought the station, it has always been a family run station, and school and work has always been a big part of life. I remember in year five I didn’t actually complete many school sets, Linda Young thought up Moo News, featured above, it was an ART creation and something I laboured on each Saturday. I continued Moo News until high school when time became more precious, and my teachers did not appreciate it.

Hannah, James, Camille, and I all went through Kimberley School of the Air (KSOTA), and School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE), and I’m still going in year 11. For the last two years, I have led a school-life of luxury in an air conditioned office with a laptop and hi-tech ‘CENTRA’ lessons (when they work!) but it has not always been so easy. The photos below show the early days of school, which had to share its time with work, as you can see!

7.3Working together through School of the Air lessons, and talking to teachers over the radio.

7.4More radio lessons, the infamous ‘red school bag’ and some friendly homework help.

7.5All grown up, working on the station. Top L-R: James Camp, Peter Camp. Bottom L-R: Hannah Camp, Justin Cooney, Wave Camp, Barbara Camp, Camille Camp.

7.6James and Barbara at the Kununurra Ag Show this year.