Farewell, Lady

Host: Lochon Contracting
Written by Tini – Owner, Lochon Contracting.

If you have been following our blog last year, you might remember our beloved dog “Lady”. She had been with us for 14 years. Wherever we went, she went, too. While we were drafting cattle and a camel (!) at Wattle Springs yard on Bulka Station, she was having a great time bathing in the trough. She was cooling herself down while the cattle (plus camel) were eyeballing her.

LOCHON 3.1 copyA dog, a camel, and cattle.

She was not a town dog at all, in fact, she loved going bush with us. As soon as a key was turned in one of the vehicles, she was right there. She would be wagging her tail, giving a look that would make you do anything for her. Her favourite means of transport was the old and rattly four wheel drive Isuzu truck.

She would sit on the torn and rugged passenger seat and just look out the window at passing cars as we would drive out to the station. Her next favourite spot would be the passenger seat of the blue bull-catcher (a cut down four wheel drive Toyota Landcruiser, modified to chase and catch wild and untameable bulls).

Lady dog had accompanied Locky on many occasions catching bulls or just tailing cattle during a muster. She was part of the crew really. Always there, always ready to go. What a pity she couldn’t strap a bull, drive a truck, or open gates, she would have made a magnificent worker.

LOCHON 3.2 copy The full Lochon crew, including Lady Dog.

Instead, she was our private entertainer. She loved chasing sticks and balls. One of her nicknames we had for her was Soccer Dog, due to her undeniable talent with a ball. If there was a FIFA world cup for dog soccer, she would be in the finals right now. She could kick the ball forward with her nose and her forefeet, and her headers were deadly. It was very amusing and incredible to watch. Anyone would have thought she was a young fit dog, not an old lady 14 years of age.

Not everybody loves dogs, but everybody loved Lady. And so it was a great loss that we suffered when she passes away last year only a very short while after we had written our blog. We were on Margaret River Station at the time. We buried her by the river under some shady white gum trees. She had loved the water and the spot was the perfect resting place for her. Jane and Haydn Sale got a plaque done up for her, which we fixed on a big rock. It was sad to leave her behind, but she will be in our memories. I am sure that all of you who have lost their dear animal friend can understand what we went through. In the end all we can hope for is that we gave this amazing dog all the love that she deserved.

LOCHON 3.3 copyYou will be greatly missed by all, Lady!

Lady, I hope there is lot’s of balls to play with where you are now!