G’day from the weaner camp

Host: Alexandria Station
Written by Sean Coutts – Weaner Camp, Alexandria Station.

G’day all, Jolly here.

I have been up at Alexandria Station working for NAP Co since the start of the year. I came up from Albany NSW, where my family operates a mixed grazing cropping farm.

5.1 - Tom & George -Weaner yards at the Homestead copyTom and George – Weaner yards at the Homestead.

I’m in the Alex Weaner camp where a part part of our job is processing, dehorning, and drafting weaners. Our job is also to muster the 3,500 head of Stud cattle and help to record the information for NAP Co’s Elite Bull Breeding operation. This includes doing the flight testing, the testicular measurements of the stud bulls, tagging weaners, and feeding up.

5.2 JR unloading weaners copy‘JR’ Unloading Weaners.

We feed a lot grassy round bales of Mitchell/Finders hay to the cattle, mainly weaners; some of the smaller weaners are fed a pellet ration in a feedlot type setup. The processing and all the other jobs normally keeps us all quite busy, I think the weaner camp has done about 15,000 head of cattle so far this year.

Sean Coutts

5.2 Barkly sunset copyBarkly Sunset.