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AG Workforce is a privately owned Agricultural Recruitment Agency based in Toowoomba, Queensland. Since 2005 we have been supplying casual, seasonal, and permanent staff across all areas of agriculture and livestock industries Australia wide. The seed was sown after the employment landscape changed when the mining boom exploded and workers up and left the agricultural sector in search of higher wages. When the mining boom finished, many mining employees were laid off and decided that perhaps life on the land was actually more enjoyable and wanted to return to what they knew. They started applying to AG Workforce for farming positions.

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All the Recruiters at AG Workforce have come from agricultural backgrounds so they can relate to the industry they are passionate about and meet employment needs accordingly. We match job seekers with clients through a screening process to ensure the job seekers match the client’s needs.

Our clients at AG Workforce come with a diverse range of activities over a wide area but they are all broadly described as Farmers and Stock owners, therefore we specialise in both farming and livestock. Within the cropping industry, the jobs commonly offered are managers, 2IC’s, general farm hands, tractor drivers, combine/ header operators, cotton picker drivers, and more. The livestock jobs range from managers, head stockmen, boremen, station hands, jillaroo/jackaroos, cooks, govies, and numerous other positions.

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All jobseekers have to apply through our application form on our website and attach a copy of their CV and Photo. This process automatically puts them into our database from which the Recruiters can search for the right applicant to fill the job vacancy. Once the job seeker is registered with their CV, then reference checks are automatically done.

The main thing our clients look for in an applicant is experience, loyalty, and a passion for the respective industry. A willingness to work and a respectful attitude are the most important factors.

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