Hanging out at Peadonah stock camp

Host: Noreena Downs Station
Written by Kate Paull – Owner, Noreena Downs Station.

Well as promised here are some pictures and descriptions of the stock camp where we camp out at for five to six weeks of the year every year. This year it is six to seven weeks. We hang out at Peadonah camp every year as we use it as a base, we set up a big set of portable yards where we do approximately eight musters (where we get the cattle for the area/paddock into a group to head to the same area or yard) into.

So we set up camp and make it home, we sleep out in our swags on cyclone/shearer beds under mother nature’s sparklers (stars), most of our meals are prepared in a camp oven or on the hot plate, breakfast is done on the barbie (BBQ) to make it easy for the cook in the morning, our hot water for the tea and coffee is done in a billy can.

61Camp ovens and billy can.


63 Joe among the campfire smoke.

64 How we make our toast.

65 Lee lighting the fire.

 66Fuel, bikes and buggys.

 67Fencing and steel materials.

68 Caravan where we keep the dry food and prepare a bit of it and a typical wood pile.

 69Water trough for a nice cool dip on a warm day.

610 Blokes shower .611

Zebra finch chicks in their nest in the blokes shower, so until they are big enough and able to fly, the blokes shower in the ladies one, blokes were happy to do so, much love for the wee furry ones. Oh my lordy so after writing this caption I happened to be over at the showers, so the blokes and I checked our furry critters this photo was taken yesty, today they have tail feathers with spots on them and a few wings ones coming through, only hatched last week.

612Twin tub washing machine.

613 Ladies shower, each shower has two partitions, one for a bogey (shower) and the other too change in.

614 Ladies shower, drum at top with tap is where we put our hot and cold water to mix the water to suit our own shower temperature.

 615Shower floor and part of hardcore shower caddy’s, notice the beer holders.

616 44 gallon (205 litre) drum full of water that we boil (cook starts this at 3.30pm) so we have hot water for the shower. 617Shower steps and platform to have higher access to water shower drum.

618 Our workshop and tools away from home affectionately called our mini workshop


 621Toyota D truck, broken down but Dave (family friend) and I are hoping to fix it and get it running, Dad use to cart cattle with it, in the cab at the back it has a window that looks into the cattle pen section, yep I was quite often peering through that with my siblings.

622 Poddy calf (orphans) pen over yonder.

623  624Camp oven and water boiler for doing the dishes.


626 Stock camp ain’t stock camp without the deadly Bitches Box.


628  Mulla mulla flower.

630 Ashburton pea.

631 Sturt desert pea.