Highlights from the season so far

Host: Liveringa Station
Written by Paxton Pullford – Ringer, Liveringa Station.

Every year for Central Station I ask at least one of the new station hands to write down their thoughts about life as a ‘ringer’ in the Kimberley. Paxton is 19. He finished Year 12 at Kings College, Sydney last year. He comes from the Hunter Valley in NSW and has a background in horses. Life on a remote cattle station in north Western Australia is a long way from Paxton’s previous reality . . . but he has embraced it wholeheartedly as becomes evident when you read his piece below – Karen. 

G’day! My name is Paxton, better known as ‘Pako’. This is my first year up in the Kimberley on Liveringa Station and I would have to say this has been the most exciting and enjoyable year.

5.1 (Large)Paxton during a muster.

On Liveringa we have eight in our stock camp, including the Head Stockman. We have a great crew who are all willing to work hard and are passionate about the job. The year started off with the muster of the horses. Here the horses were all drafted (sorted according to temperament/experience/skill level) and we were all assigned one. This was a highlight for me as I was given two pretty hardy horses. Some of the others were not so lucky.

5.2 (Small)Liveringa stock camp (including our camp cook) all dressed up at the recent Liveringa wedding at “Old Liveringa Homestead”. This is SO much cleaner than they normally look!

The mustering started off in early April, where we did most of the paddocks that surrounded Inkata (the working and residential hub of Liveringa). These first few musters were quite a good experience as we were a rather fresh mob of ringers! Here we all learned how to work with helicopters and move cattle effectively.

5.3 (Small)Roping practice after work during the lead up to the Derby rodeo.

5.4 (Small)The stock camp laundry . . . one big walk in wardrobe!

Soon enough we were out at camp where the days were long, the dust was thick, and the nights were too hot to sleep, however, this also happened to be the best time I’ve had, as you really become quite close to your crew and find that everyone develops into the same personality.

The rodeo season has kicked into gear and everyone in our camp is getting involved. The girls have had a real go and entered the ladies heifer ride, providing some great entertainment. All of the fellas had a go at the bronc ride, bull ride, or bulldogging (steer wrestling) and have all come away with some money for a few beers at the bar!

5.5 (Small)Paxton on his first ever bucking bronco at the Fitzroy Crossing rodeo. He won this event. Yay!

5.6 (Large)Winners are grinners at the Fitzroy rodeo!

All up this year so far has definitely been very exciting, though some of the days are hard, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Thank you Liveringa!