Holy Hatbox!

Host: Influential Women
Written by Catherine Marriot – Founder and Carly Brooks – CEO, Influential Women.

IW is handing the reins over to Mazz to throw her two bobs worth into the Central Station ring. Her time starts now!

1)   What is your full name? Catherine “The great” Marriott

(Disclaimer: the answer is Catherine Agnes Fairley Marriott)

2)   What is your favourite cut of beef? Rib Bones

3)   What is the worst injury you have ever sustained? Multiple injuries from a scooter incident in Broome.

4)   What is your favourite holiday destination? Anywhere with no phone service.

5)   Yes or No – will you ever complete ‘Around the Bay in a Day’ bike ride? I have and I will again this year,

6)   List five cattle properties you have worked as a consultant on: Yarrie, Killarney, Birrimba, Iffley, Warrawagine

7)   Name two horses you have owned and their height: Rosey 15hh and Moppet 11hh.

8)   Name your favourite outback pub or event? Marble Bar Races

9)   If you could be an animal what would you be? A unicorn

10)   Finish this sentence; “When I grow up I want to be . . .” Like Carly

With the pop quiz out of the way, I think it is an opportune time to inform you that Mazz’s appalling scooter management is counteracted by her vision for agriculture and unwavering determination to see positive change. Catherine was very recently appointed as a Commissioner for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and is an Independent Prime Ministerial Council Member of the Indonesian Australian Food Security on Red Meat and Cattle Partnership. Try and rattle off those job titles with a mouth full of marbles! To put simply, she is now ‘talking the talk’ with those who sit at the pointy end of the plane. The future is bright!

High five to Central Station for inviting us to host this week’s blog, this is a perfect platform for readers to get their fix of station life and agricultural insight. We hope you gained a better understanding of IW by peaking into our window this week and can we get three cheers for all the influential women living the good life in rural Australia.

Mazz and Brooksy

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