If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

Host: Goldsborough Station
Written by Emma Taylor – Manager, Goldsborough Station.

Measuring pasture to work out feed available is an important management tool used on Goldsborough. Knowing how much feed is available at the end of the growing season each year (about May) means that the sustainable carrying capacity for each paddock can be calculated. Matching stock numbers to feed available ensures the condition of the land is looked after.

Goldsborough 5.1Stewart cutting grass samples to be weighed for calculation of pasture dry matter per hectare.

Giving pastures a rest from grazing, or spelling paddocks, is essential practice for productive pastures. The use of computerised forage budgets allows Stewart to know how long stock will stay in each paddock before they need to be moved. Each paddock will be grazed three or four times a year and have a healthy spell from grazing during the growing season.

Goldsborough 5.2Buffel grass pastures at the end of the growing season.

Stewart’s passion for looking after pastures was recently recognised with his nomination for the Maranoa Landcare Innovation section of the Maranoa Business Awards.

Goldsborough 5.3Happy endings at Goldsborough.

Well it is time for us to sign off. Wherever you are in this great country of ours, we hope you can find somewhere cool to hang out over summer!

Goldsborough 5.4Cheers!