The poddy calf who goes mustering!

Host: Wongawol Station

Meet ‘Jiminiminy cricket’ the poddy calf (originally called Thomas the Tank Engine).

He started getting tired during muster because he was only a young bub, so the boys picked him up and he got to ride in the car with me! Once we yarded up the cattle I picked him up and reunited him with his mum. By riding in the car with me, he got to save all his energy, and we were able to drove the mob at a faster pace (well not fast, but you can only go as fast as the slowest animal, so if there is a baby walking really really slowly all the time then the whole mob needs to slow down so they aren’t left behind).


Andy cutting the calf out of the mob so they could pick him up and give him to me!

It clearly didn’t take long for me to start taking “selfies” of Jiminiminy and I !



There were many many more pictures taken, he was just so photogenic!