Kelpies and Country Girls Hit the Road – Part 2

Host: Glenforrie Station
Written by Aticia Grey – Manager, Glenforrie Station.

Catch up on part 1 of our trip here.

Beef Week. Well, the name pretty well sums it up, it was a great week that was kicked off with a dog auction at the Great Western. Not a kelpie to be seen but the quality of the Collies up for sale was pretty impressive. There was a pretty good contingent of WAer’s in Rockhampton to catch up with, stores to browse through, live music to dance to, and of course, cattle to peruse. The week ended with an entertaining rodeo at the Great Western before we once again packed up to start our trip home. Originally we had intended to head home across the top, but due to a few changes in plans, we were heading back south to tackle the Nullabour again.

Photo 9 copy

Photo 20 copyBeef week.

Our last stop before the final leg of the journey was at Oakdale station north of Port Augusta where we had organised to catch up with a couple of mates working in the shed where a shearing school was being held. Peter Barr was incredible to watch with his dogs and helped us try our dogs out in the pens. Some took to it like, well, kelpies to a sheep’s back, while a few others weren’t so impressed with the backing idea and burrowed instead. Thanks to Paul Oster for allowing us to kick around with our cameras, helping out where we could, and trying not to get in the way too much.

Photo 10 copyShearers in action.

Photo 11 copyPaul Oster, Peter Barr, and Myself.

Photo 12 copyCourt getting some good shots.

Photo 13 copyPeter Barr and his dogs kept the sheep running smoothly.

Photo 14 copyGroup shot.

What was originally meant to be one day turned into three and we finally dragged ourselves away reluctantly with only two days left to cross the Nullabour. It was 2600km to get home and we managed 900km on the first day. We lost a bit of time at the border, cleaning the quad bike which had managed to hide seeds in places we wouldn’t have thought possible but after two hours, the lovely lady in charge let us through. It was great to see our agriculture industry is being looked after well.

Photo 23 copy

Photo 15 copyTaking photos at every opportunity, and possibly procrastinating on reaching the end of our trip.

After 15,500km, lots of laughs, and many new friends, Court and I arrived home on the 22nd May after an incredible seven weeks on the road. The miles and memories were so much better than we ever expected, it truly was the trip of a lifetime and hopefully one we can do again soon. Thanks to Courtney for the this wonderful experience, I couldn’t have picked a better partner in crime for the trip. Here’s to the next one . . .

Cheers, Teesh

Photo 22 copyDiddy.

Aticia – Miss Grey Photography and Pilbara Working Dogs

Courtney – Bush Chooks Photography

Margareta Osborn – Rural romance writer

Neil and Helen McDonald – Advanced Livestock Management